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There is Always a Way to Freedom

Have You Been Imprisoned by Your Own Belief System?

I used to feel that way.

I've met many others who have too.

I used to work with a client where I would have a reoccurring image pop into my mind.

The image was of them—in a prison cell.

The unique thing about this image was that the keys to unlock the prison cell were in the lock, within reach, available for my client to open the door to the cell—yet they remained imprisoned.

Since I was working as an empathic and clairsentient therapist in a traditional mental health setting at the time, this was incredibly painful to witness.

I wanted to help, but I couldn't.

In some ways, I felt helpless too.

It was a beautiful teaching for me personally in learning about freewill and emotional boundaries (and later, energetic boundaries).

I didn't have the tools or perspective that I have today to offer an alternative solution to them.

You see, there was a reason that this person felt they needed to stay in the prison cell. It wasn't until I discovered Theta Healing® that I really started to understand about secondary gains and how to transform limiting beliefs through alternative healing modalities.

Being self-imprisoned by subconscious beliefs can be an incredibly painful experience.

I've experienced it.

In certain jobs.

At some points in relationships.

In life experiences where I felt powerless.

The truth is, my subconscious beliefs were holding me in captivity.

It wasn't the job.

It wasn't the other person.

It wasn't the situation.

It was my perception of it all.

As it turned out, the keys had been in my "blind spot" the whole time, ready and waiting for me to unlock the door to my own freedom.

Perhaps you've felt that way in the past too.

Perhaps that's you now.

It wasn't until I acquired more advanced tools and support that I truly began to free myself.

I was able to shift my perspective.

I was able to transform my beliefs that had kept me imprisoned, to beliefs that allowed me to be free.

I was able to realize, that I'd always been free.

We are born free.

Free to choose.

Free to leave.

Free to stay.

Free to let go.

Free to be.

Many years ago, I read the book, "Man's Search For Meaning," by Viktor E. Frankl.

I found it incredibly inspiring then and I still do today.

This man lived as a prisoner in a Nazi death camp and was still ultimately able to free his mind and heart from captivity.

I'm incredibly appreciative to have had some inspiring words during dark times that whispered to my heart, "It Is Possible".

Whatever your situation is, I'm here to simply say,

It Is Possible.

It Is Possible To Be Free.

I don't hold the keys to unlock the door to your prison cell.

You do.

I simply have (thankfully) found some really helpful tools in supporting you in expediting your own journey in freeing yourself.

Wherever this finds you on your journey, may it inspire you to take the best next step for YOU.

It IS Possible.

You hold the keys.

Much Love,


p.s. If you'd like to learn more about me and how I might be able to support you on your journey, you may visit my website at:

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