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Rising to Your Greatness

Life is a series of steps.

We have opportunities to step into our greatness time and time again.

Each opportunity we can choose to lean into our greatness or to shy away.

Each moment the opportunity arises to step into our greatness is a knock upon the door to our soul.

Our soul’s purpose.

Our soul’s dharma.

Our soul’s reason and meaning for being here.

We get these opportunities in the form of invitations, synchronicities, and calls to action to be the ‘more’ that wants to shine forth from our being.

We all choose when and how we choose to show up and when and if we choose to rise to our own potential and the very greatness that is wound within the fabric of our essence that exists at the heart of our soul.

We can choose to buckle under pressure, choose to deny it, OR we can choose to rise.

Is it always easy?

Well, no.

But it is always worth it.


Each moment we lean into our greatness rather than our fear, is a moment we take back our power and align with the resonance and central purpose of our soul.

Each moment we lean into our greatness is an upleveling.

It is a nod to the universe saying,

“Yes, I’m ready to proceed. I’m ready to take it to the next level.

I’m ready to fulfill my soul’s purpose here on Earth now.”

Each opportunity that we rise to, and say YES to, that aligns with our soul and our true greatness, not from a state of ego, but from a state of fulfillment, meaning and purpose, we lean into life more and bring more of heaven to earth.

We lean into our soul’s calling and being of service to the greater good in a way that is far more fulfilling than that of mere self-gratification.

We rise not as a mere individual, but as an integral, irreplaceable part of the whole.

We help humanity rise.

We align with our calling and our higher self.

And we take life to task in showing us just how extraordinary this existence can really be by choosing to live it fully, with purpose.

So, are you living your purpose?

Are you leaning into your greatness?

Are you rising above the fear, and fulfilling a higher calling, a deeper and richer meaningful existence, and choosing to ascend beyond what you previously knew was possible?

Are you willing to lean into your greatness in this very moment?

All it takes is a declarative YES.

The Universe is listening.

Your YES to this sacred call is one that reverberates throughout the universe and is responded to with a new opportunity to rise, to lean in, to transcend limitation and fulfill your own greatness for the greater good of all.

This might be a new opportunity or new idea that arises within you.

It might be a matter of you calling yourself to task on what you already know needs to be done.

It could be a formal invitation from an outside source that sets the stage for you to live your greatness into reality more.

Pay attention to the signs.

Recognize when your invitation to lean into your greatness shows up before you.

Choose to lean in, and rise.

Much Love,


Are you ready to take it to the next level?

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Choose to rise.💖

Copyright Nicole Lakebrink.

All rights reserved.


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