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Theta Healing® Basic DNA Course Online

Live 3-Day Online Certification Course

Dates: August 23-25, 2021

Location: Online via Zoom classroom

Time: 8:30-4:30

Investment: $625

This 3-day course will change your life. Learn how to instantly change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and witness healing transformation through the Theta Healing® technique. You will learn techniques to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs. This course gives you the opportunity to transform your inner and outer reality and receive healing of the mind, body, heart and soul. 


Some of the course highlights include:

*Learn how to instantly transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs utilizing a theta brainwave.

*Communicating with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

*Manifesting in a theta brainwave.

*Learn about soulmates and the Seven Planes of Existence

*Gain greater spiritual discernment

*Receive a 12-strand DNA activation

*Develop and strengthen your connection to your intuition and your higher power.

And so much more!


Through numerous in-class exercises and direct application, you will get immediate experience, have the opportunity to experience inner healing and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Discover what is possible for you!

At the successful completion of this three day course you will be certified as a Basic DNA Theta Healing® Practitioner.

Certification: Full course attendance is required for certification as a Basic DNA Theta Healing® Practitioner. 

Also Included: Theta Healing® DNA Basic Practitioner manual and Vianna Stibal's Theta Healing® book included. Course materials will be sent electronically prior to the course start time.

No recording is available or allowed for this course. Live participation is required. 

Maximum class size for this seminar is 20 students.

*Open Enrollment closes August 22nd.*

Online Self-Study Courses

Consciousness Revealed

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© 2019 by Nicole Lakebrink  

All Rights Reserved.

Be Inspired Now 6-Week Series

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Listen to it once or return to it again and again to harness the wisdom within!

© 2019 by Nicole Lakebrink  
All Rights Reserved.

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