Consciousness Revealed

Mini Course

Duration: 26:55 mins

What is Consciousness?

Nicole provides a simplistic approach to exploring consciousness including an easy step-by-step process of how you can begin practicing playing with consciousness in your everyday life!

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Be Inspired Now 6-Week Series

Duration: 50:67 mins

Be Inspired Now!

Looking for some inspiration?
This 6-week audio mini series provides a potent dose of inspiration for you to awaken your inspiration from within.

Includes: Useful tips, tools, motivation, inspiration, affirmations, micro meditations and actions steps

Listen to it once or return to it again and again to harness the wisdom within!

© 2019 by Nicole Lakebrink  
All Rights Reserved.

Wealth Awakening Series

This 3-part series will allow for you to awaken wealth in your life, from a higher state of awareness.

Whether you are looking to awaken a wealth of love, financial wealth, or wealth in multiple areas of your life, Nicole invites you to activate your consciousness to embody a higher frequency of wealth with awareness.

Through intuitively guided energy clearings and awakening you to a higher understanding of wealth, you will be invited to release perceived blocks and align with receiving wealth

into your life.

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