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Wandering Home

"Not all those who wander are lost."

-J.R.R. Tolkien

I know what it means to wander. I wandered for years...

It was almost as if I was on a searching quest that was woven into every aspect of my life. I would hang out with friends, go to popular events, travel far away or show up at places nearby yearning for...something. I wasn't sure what "IT" was, but I knew something was missing in my life. As I wandered through my life, I discovered many things, but "IT" still evaded me.

And so, the search continued.

Finding what "IT" was didn't happen in an instant. It was a series of many steps that I took which led to what I rediscovered within me.

It meant sometimes saying "Yes" to a gut instinct, even when I wasn't 100% sure why.

It meant learning to go within over, and over again, even when I wasn't in the mood.

It meant peeling back the layers of the 'story' of me and allowing parts of the old story that I'd created to be released.

It meant listening to that still voice within that said,

"There's got to be something more than this."

It meant connecting with the light within me, even when I feared it might all be bullshit.

It meant losing relationships and habits that were outdated and unhealthy for me.

It meant loosening my grip on the past to allow better to show up in my life.

It meant leaving behind a career that I worked hard for and thought I would retire from.

It meant opening doors that my cynicism had barred shut.

It meant shutting out the noise to connect with what made my heart sing.

It meant paying attention to the universe around me in a whole new way.

It meant inviting a new path for myself that seemed to be divinely supported.

It meant allowing my life purpose and true sense of fulfillment to unfold.

It meant saying "Yes" to opportunities before I felt fully 'ready'.

It meant trusting in a way I'd never trusted before.

And it has been the most incredible journey of my life.

"What is this 'IT'," you might wonder...

For me,

It's my purpose, my connection to the light that exists within me, my connection to all that there is—Home.

This might sound a bit abstract or out of reach to some, but I assure you that it is possible to find what IT is that you're searching for. I get it. I've been there too.

While I still love to wander as a curious adventurer of life, it is no longer from a state of absence; for the Home that I found is with me wherever I go.

Thanks for listening.

Much Love,


p.s. If you are tired of wandering aimlessly and are wanting help in your own discovery process, click HERE to book a private 1-to-1 session.

If this spoke to you, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below. Feel free to share this with anyone you feel could benefit.

Nicole Lakebrink

Intuitive Healing & Coaching

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