Letting the Light In

I once had a window in my home where the view to the outside world was obstructed for many years. The window was blocked off by a piece of furniture that had been placed in front of it. You see, when I first moved in, I had this lovely furniture that I was fond of which was bought for the former home I had lived in. It had been selected to fit in a different space.

When I moved into my new space, I wasn’t ready to let go of the contents of my old home, so when that piece of furniture didn’t quite fit in the new space, I made it fit.

I made excuses and justifications.

“It will help insulate the room.”

“I won’t have to close the blinds, it’ll create privacy.”

When we aren’t ready to give something up, we come up with the cleverest excuses. The truth is, I wasn’t ready to give it up. I still had much to learn.

As I connected more and more to love through my own healing journey (and became more well-versed in feng shui!), I came to a point of awareness where I realized the obstruction was costing me more than it was giving me.

When the moment of awareness presented itself, it wasn’t a matter of should I release it, rather I simply had to release it to feel at peace. I couldn’t allow it to remain there for a moment more.

Through my own inner healing, the wool had been lifted from over my eyes granting me a clearer view and perspective.

I was ready to have my physical space reflect

my upgraded vision.

Even my eyesight improved!