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Higher Consciousness: The Ripple Effect

A shift in perspective can change everything. Sometimes, when a person is "in" a situation, they lose sight of the bigger picture that holds infinite solutions.

With higher consciousness, we're able to rise above the drama and the stories to get to a higher perspective.

It is like getting an aerial view to allow you to clearly see the intuitive solutions that are already available to you.

This means clearing out the mind clutter and arriving at the door to your higher self.

Your wisdom.

Your empowered self.

The you that knows how to overcome obstacles and create solutions in your own life in a way that also positively benefits the world.

We no longer require the "them or us" model of living. Through higher consciousness we can clearly see that when one person prospers, and does so graciously, their abundance can spill over and bless others through generosity and the universal flow of abundance.

Through higher consciousness, we can see that our choices to benefit the planet, benefit us and benefit all.

When we choose the most loving act, everybody wins.

Your choice to exercise mindfulness in all you do, creates a ripple effect out into the world. Through higher consciousness, it creates an even greater impact.

Start simple. See the ripple effect in action.

One conscious choice that benefits both you and the greater good.

It could be anything your heart desires that also benefits the greater whole.

It could be as simple as transforming one limiting belief into an empowering, more loving belief. It could be eliminating unnecessary chemicals from your diet or surroundings.

These choices can improve your mood and overall health and wellness.

One improvement within you changes how you interact with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers.

It allows you to relax more and settle into your creativity, your passions and your purpose.

That ripples out and impacts your contribution and what you give back and create within this existence. And what you create in this existence becomes your legacy that lives on beyond you.

And the beauty of your choice travels far and wide. It contributes towards less chemicals on the Earth, less negativity and creating a more loving, peaceful empowerment, thereby blessing the Earth, creating a more hospitable and enjoyable experience for your stay here on this glorious planet, ultimately bringing the blessings back full circle into your life and the lives of others.

Every smile, Every act of kindness. It matters.

One Choice.

What will you choose?


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